How can a Business Coach help me ?

Many businesses use a business coach. Others may be considering the benefits while some may not have any idea what it is all about. What is business coaching, and how can it help?

Business coaching is a process that can help take a business from where it is to where it wants to be. A dedicated business coach will assist and guide the business owner in growing the business, mapping out the best routes towards success and guiding them in the right direction.

A business coach differs from a consultant; while a consultant will scope a project, consider alternatives and implement the required actions themselves, a business coach equips the business owner to do it by teaching them new skills and providing knowledge of the market and the journey ahead.


Impartial advice – While a business owner no doubt often relies on the support of family, employees and friends, ultimately, they will all have some form of vested interest. So, it can be difficult for them to be impartial. That’s where the business coach comes in. A coach can provide a confidential, objective sounding board to help solve the challenges ahead. Additionally, they can be relied upon to react to your ideas and methods honestly and tell it straight, are working on a process that could be improved.

Focus your attention – A business owner’s time and attention can be stretched in so many directions that it’s hard to focus on the key tasks that relate to your business goals. A business coach will help you to organise your tasks and schedule, leaving your business well organised and efficient and giving you ample time to work on the next stage of business growth.

Make you accountable – Sometimes it’s hard to keep promises, especially those you have made to yourself. A business coach will challenge you to achieve the objectives agreed and help you to channel your efforts towards achieving them.

Push you outside your comfort zone – When there are difficult decisions to be made or tasks to be completed, it’s easy to fall back into the comfort zone where you feel safe and secure. For many business owners, this means working in your business when you should be working on your business. A business coach will guide and support you beyond your comfort zone and push you to new heights, while also helping you develop your staff, allowing them to competently stand on the front line in your place while you’re working on growing the business from behind the scenes.

Two heads are better than one – Brainstorming ideas with your business coach can add a different perspective to your way of thinking. We all kn

ow that old saying, two heads are better than one, but a business coach can go far beyond that. A good business coach will explore your ideas from every angle, question your thinking, and provide alternative answers. This can often lead to finding better or more innovative solutions that you may not have previously considered.

Ask any successful athlete what factors contributed to their success, and most – if not all – will cite their coach as a primary influence. So why should it be any different in business?

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