Supplier Rationalisation

Everyone knows the state of politics at the moment and everyone is fully aware of the pressure that is being put on local governments to reduce their costs & budget over the next few years.

So many of these local governments have already done an excellent job in reducing their costs but most have exhausted the obvious cost cutting options. They are now looking at other, less obvious, cost reduction opportunities within their organisations.

Magnatec we’re engaged as an IT Consultancy by the Derbyshire County Council to take a look at their ICT Suppler List. An area they believed substantial IT cost saving could be made. They faced the issue that, with head count being lowered, the remaining staff had too much day-to-day work on their plates to take a step back and look at the possibilities.

This is where we can step in with a clear task and give an unbiased 3rd party view of the situation – if you or your staff simply don’t have the time to look at such items then the services we provide are just what you need.

We were able to cast an eye over all the ICT suppliers for the County Council, for every department, software, hardware etc. We analysed the data and produced a report for the council detailing where & how savings could be made to the tune of several million.

This is the power of an impartial, external, 3rd party – it provides an objective view point that organisations, departments or even individuals might not be able to see.

The task was performed accurately and in a timely manner with the report being delivered before the deadline.

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